About Me

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m so glad you’re here! My passion has always been sewing and creating. I started Handtied while pregnant with my son five years ago. It began with hand embroidered hair bows and slowly moved to quilted goods. There's something about that quilted texture that brings a warmth I'm just not over yet! (as you can tell by the MANY quilted goods in my shop)

I graduated with a degree in Apparel Design and have always been drawn to the challenge of creating something new. I truly love making one of a kind things which means I usually don't make the same thing twice. This also allows me to make things customized for you! Whether it be a quilt, a zipper bag, or something else you've seen on Instagram- if you have a piece in mind please email me for a free quote and lets make your vision come to life. Thank you for supporting me and my family in my Handtied journey!